My NVX 200 keeps saying: "Pairing mode". What should I do?

This article is for the persons who own a NVX 200 and who get the message "pairing mode" playing in loop. If you have another question on the NVX 200 please click here to browse through the dedicated articles. If your inquiry concerns our other products please click here.

One of the problem you may encounter when placing your Iphone on the NVX 200 dock is to hear the message "Pairing mode" playing in loop.
This problem may prevent you to use normally and to its full potential your NVX 200.
 In order to solve this issue, please follow this step to step guide:
  •  Go to your iPhone > Settings > Bluetooth
  • Choose and click on your NVX 200
  • Click on "Forget device"
  • Put your Iphone back on the NVX 200 dock

You can now, re-pair your Iphone with your NVX 200 for normal usage.

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