How to use the intercom on Triby (under iOS)?

This article is for iOS users who want to use the intercom. If you are an Android user and want to use the intercom please read this article.

You have the possibility to call all your Tribys with the intercom. Please note that ringtone for all intercom calls is different than the classical one made with Triby and that the connection is automatic (NB: the caller must have access to a wifi or 4G connection, Triby must be connected to the wifi also). If you want to learn more about what intercom is, please read this article. 

In order to make an intercom call please follow this step to step guide below:

  • Go to the Triby app

  • Click on "Call"

  • You will see that you have the option to either reach your Triby or the one of your choice either by call or by intercom. The intercom call can be recognize with the Triby icon and the word "intercom" displayed over it

  • Click on the Triby you would like to reach by intercom, this can take a couple of seconds. A specific ringtone can be heard. The intercom icon will appear on your smartphone's screen. The word "ringing" will be displayed also

  • When the intercom call is made, the name of the caller will appear on the Triby's screen

  • To dismiss the intercom call, the caller may click on the word "End" displayed on the smartphone's screen. The person using the Triby may also end the intercom call by pressing any buttons

Intercom calls are also possible from one Triby to another (not available under Android). In order to do that, you must preset one of Triby's button with intercom call to reach the wanted Triby, more information here. If you want to make an intercom call from one Triby to another please read this article.


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