How to pair smartphones/tablets to Voice Bridge on Android?

This article is for Android users who want to use Voice Bridge to connect the base to their smartphone through the app. If you are an iOS user, please read this article. If you want to connect Voice Bridge to your landline for the first time, please read this article.

Voice Bridge allows you to receive and make phone calls through your landline with your mobile.

In order to do so, please follow this step to step guide:

  • Go to the Voice Bridge app

  • Click on "Wizard"

  • Suivez l'assistant d'installation

  • Choose your Voice Bridge (here VoiceBridge E8DD)

  • Please wait while your smartphone connects to the base

  • Voice Bridge As soon as your smartphone is connected to the base, you will read the message "connected" underneath your Voice Bridge

You can now place and receive phone calls from your landline with your Voice Bridge.

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