Alerts when entering/exiting an area don’t work well

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These alerts come too late:

Alerts when your pet enters/exits an area are triggered when the tracker sends out a position that is within/outside the area you’ve defined in your application.

In some cases, the tracker may take longer to send out a position: for instance if the tracking conditions are poor (no WiFi network and failure of GPS tracking indoor…), if reception on the LoRa network is poor when sending, if positions are set up to be sent out every 10 minutes… The alert will only be triggered when we receive the pet’s next position.

To ensure being notified if your pet runs away, we recommend you to enable Walking Alerts in addition to these alerts when entering/exiting an area.


You receive an alert even though your pet isn’t out:

This may occur in specific cases, for instance if your WiFi network is temporarily out of service, and the tracker doesn’t receive your neighbours’ networks anymore.

If this occurs too often, we recommend you to expand your security area’s perimeter, and to enable Walking Alerts in order to better track your pet’s activity.

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