Why isn't my GPS Tracker transmitting the positions? what should i do?

This article will explain why you do not receive the location of your GPS Tracker. If you have any further questions about the GPS tracker we invite you to click here. If your inquiry relates to other products, we invite you to visit our Help Center.


It may occur that your GPS Tracker stops transmitting you its location. This can be caused by:


Insufficient coverage:

If your home is poorly covered indoors, we do not guarantee the optimal fonctionning of the GPS Tracker. Check that your zone is well covered at this adress https://www.sigfox.com/en/coverage

hilly or mountainous areas do not allow for optimal use either.

If you live in an area with little coverage, when your phone is within reach of your tracker, it will transmit some points but as soon as your phone moves away, it will no longer work. If you live in a covered area, you will receive positions according to your coverage every 5 or 10 minutes and you will only need Bluetooth to use the radar that will allow you to find your vehicle with great accuracy.


Battery issue:

Make sure your Tracker is well charged.


Where you put the tracker:

The tracker must not be placed underground or in a place that prevents transmission (frequencies do not pass through metal and stone houses).


If you are not in any of these situations please restart your tracker.

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