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Why isn't my Pet Tracker transmitting the positions? what should i do?


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  • Jesper Dinesen

    Jesper Dinesen

    Mar 3, 14:08 CET

    Hi, I purchased two pet trackers. I live at this location WGS84 decimal (lat, lon)
    55.057529, 11.839437 and checked coverage before purchase.

    I have set a zone of 125 m. around the property with in/out warning.
    I have one question:
    1) When looking at the History of positions, what does the number in paranthesis (i.e. 27,0m) indicate?

    I have two issues with both trackers:
    1) Battery lasts only a little less than one week when fully charged untill warning (not a big issue)
    2) Inconsistent logging and alerting performance. Tracking map shows random tracking points and very few compared with History of positions. I.e. on one tracker (18:B7:9E:0B:D7:BC) has three points mapped at hours 02.42, 09.13 and 10.55, two outside zone but the dog was outside the zone several times and wandered much longer and the History of positions has 33 entries. This morning (march 3rd) Both dogs ran away for more than ½ hour and about ½ mile outside the zone without any alerts or any mapped locations showing up but History of positions shows 6 logged positions. This is a big issue, almost making the product unusable). Usually Distance covered indicates that the dogs have wandered much longer than the recorded locations justify - much closer to real movement pattern I think.


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