Create alert zones on Android

This article gives you all the information about creating alert zones on the Invoxia GPS application. If you have any further questions about the application we invite you to click here. If your search concerns other products we invite you to visit the Help Center.

If you are an iOS user, we invite you to click here.


The GPS Tracker and Bike Tracker allow you to create alert zones. So as soon as they enter or leave a predefined alert zone you receive a notification (provided you have authorized the notifications for the application).

In order to create an alert zone, we invite you to follow the instructions below:

  • Open the mobile application and choose the tracker to which you want to make changes.



  • Drag the Tracker bar to the top and click on alert zones.



  • Click on create a zone.



  • You can change the name of the zone, the radius by dragging the dedicated bar (which can go up to 1km) and the frequency of notifications.



  • Confirm.
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