How does the Anti-Theft Alert work?

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What is the Anti-Theft Alert?

The Invoxia Bike Tracker allows you to be alerted in case of suspicious movement on your bike when it is stationary. 

Thus, if the tracker detects movement after a period of immobility of more than 5 minutes, you will receive a push notification from the Invoxia GPS smartphone application. 

In addition, if the tracker has detected that the bike is likely to have tipped over, you will be alerted to a change in tilt. 

The Anti-theft Alert allows you to be notified of a possible theft in real time. 

How to activate it?

Normally the Anti-Theft Alert is initially activated upon installation for Bike use but if this is not the case or if you have disabled it, here is how to activate it:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Invoxia GPS smartphone application. 
  • Also make sure you have updated your GPS tracker from the application - to do this, your smartphone must be within Bluetooth range of your tracker.
  • Approach your smartphone to the GPS tracker, and go to the settings of the Invoxia GPS application. You will then see a toggle option "anti-theft alert", which you can activate. 
  • Make sure you have enabled notifications for the Invoxia GPS application in your smartphone settings.
  • The alert is now ready to be used!

All your feedback on this new feature is welcome, feel free to contact us if you have any problems, questions or comments.

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