The positions sent by the Bike Tracker are inaccurate

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The Bike Tracker uses several techniques to locate itself: the detected Wifi networks around, and GPS in the absence of Wifi networks. The accuracy of the positions raised by the tracker can vary from 20m in dense urban areas to 80m in less dense areas.

In addition, as long as the tracker detects that it is within range of the same Wifi network, it stops sending its position - it will start sending its position again as soon as the bike is out of range of this Wifi network. The range of a Wifi network can be up to a hundred meters.

In some cases, the tracker may propose an outlier position (of the order of several hundred meters of error), in the following cases:

  • The tracker has not been able to recover a valid position for more than 15 hours (lack of enough Wifi networks to deduce its position, failure of indoor GPS location...), in this case we will display the position provided to us by the LoRa Objenious antennas, which are rather inaccurate.
  • The tracker receives a Wifi network from a neighbour who has just moved, or your Wifi network if you have just moved. In this case, Google services that allow localization from Wifi networks can take a few days or even weeks to update and they may indicate their old location in the meantime.
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