What if the Tracker was underwater?

This article explains what to do if the Tracker was underwater. If you have any further questions about the Bike Tracker we invite you to click here. If your request concerns other products, we invite you to visit our Help Center.


The Tracker is adapted to resist splashing, activity in rain or snow and accidental immersion in 1m of water for about 30 minutesThe Tracker is not suitable for physical activity with movement in water.

In case of contact with water it is recommended to wipe the Tracker with a soft cloth. In addition, before charging the Tracker, be sure to check that the micro-USB port is dry.

However, if you notice the presence of moisture, shake the Tracker several times with the micro-USB port tilted down and then wipe the device with a soft cloth.

Examine the micro-USB port again, if it is still wet, repeat the operation until all traces are removed.

In case of suspicion of water infiltration inside the product:

  • Open the micro USB port protection cover
  • Place the Tracker in a bowl of dry rice
  • Let stand at least 24 hours
  • Repeat the above-mentioned operation to check that there is no more humidity
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