Associate the GPS Tracker/Bike Tracker with your phone on Android

This article gives you all the information about how to associate the tracker with your phone. If you have any further questions about the Bike Tracker we invite you to click here. If your search concerns other products we invite you to visit the Help Center.

If you are an iOS user, we invite you to click here.


In order to link the Tracker to your iOS user account, we invite you to follow the instructions below.


  • Click on "Join".


  • Click on "Start installation".



  • Enter the address that will be used to log in to your user account and click on "Continue".
  • If you already have an Invoxia user account, enter your password. Otherwise create an account and then accept the Terms of Use.



  • Under Android, access to the phone's location is required to pair with a Bluetooth product. Please allow the Invoxia GPS application to access your location. Also check that Bluetooth is activated in your phone's settings
  • Connect the Tracker to a power source using the cable provided in the box.




  • Bring the Tracker close to your smartphone, as soon as it is detected click on "Start Setup".


  • Choose your country of use (please note that after choosing the country, the Tracker will only work in the country).



  • Indicate the type of use, for the Bike Tracker choose for example the use "Bike". 


  • Fill in the information about your bike ; you can also choose an avatar (pre-installed, here a bike, or choose a custom photo).



  • Wait for the Tracker to update and configure itself, it may take a few minutes. Please do not leave the application and keep your smartphone close to the Tracker during this step. 


  • The Tracker is now associated. 



You can now start using the Tracker. Be sure to allow notifications for the Invoxia GPS application in your phone settings so you can receive alerts.

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