How is the Bike Tracker different from the competition?

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Why can the Bike Tracker do several things?

Unlike competitors who use GSM networks (requiring a SIM card), the Bike Tracker uses innovative networks (no need for a SIM card). This allows it to have a longer battery life and therefore to be able to use this battery for different functions. Most of our competitors can only do motion detection to save their batteries.

What can the Bike Tracker do?

The Invoxia Bike Tracker allows you first of all to have its position via the Invoxia App.
Indeed, as soon as the tracker moves, it "wakes up" and starts sending its position again. When it is stationary, it goes into standby mode to save its battery (but before that it will have sent its position). This allows you to have your position at any time and without any distance limit.

Then, the Bike Tracker also allows you to send you alerts to protect your bike.

- The Anti-theft Alert that alerts you as soon as suspicious movement is detected on your bike. (For more information click here.) 

- The Zone Alert that alerts you as soon as your bike enters/exits one of your virtual zones that you created. (For more information click here.)

- The Tilt alert that alerts you if your bike has tipped (for example, if someone has dropped it). The Tilt alert will be active if you activate the Anti-Theft alert.


Subscription to the network:

In addition to having a long battery life and many features, the innovative networks have the advantage of having a low subscription cost. At Invoxia we offer you 3 years of subscription and then, if you wish, you will only have to pay 10€ per year to continue using these networks. 


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