How long does the battery last?

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How long does the Bike Tracker battery last?

On average, the Bike Tracker battery lasts up to 2 to 3 months for daily use of the bike.

The battery life depends on several factors, but the main one is the frequency of use of your bike. If you do not use your bike and it remains stationary, the Bike Tracker will remain in standby and will use almost no battery. In contrast, if you use your bike a lot, the Bike Tracker will be very active and will therefore use its battery.


The autonomy depends on the following parameters:

Frequency of sending positions that you have set in the application settings: the higher it is, the more battery the tracker consumes.

Your use of the bike: the more you use your bike with the tracker, the more the tracker will be asked to send positions and/or alerts and therefore it will consume more battery.

Home environment: if you live in a dense urban environment, with many homes with Wifi networks, your tracker will consume less battery power than in a less dense environment, beyond the reach of Wifi networks (countryside, mountains...).  


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